Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mirror, Mirror on the Ball, Who is the Macho-est of Dem Ball?

I always tell my son, Calf Tse Tung that a true Iron Man is an Iron Wank. Its like one of those Chinese proverbs, so don't dare question my time-testes wisdom.

Anyway, seen here are prime candididates (respects to those crazy folk at, and their Who Wants Some Dishoom toon) for Bollywood/Indian high-society's most macho faces - what a day to hold the competition - 'tis International WoMen's Day today. And don't you just love the camaraderie, the attitude? Mess with Anand, and her boyfriend, Parmeshwar, will smack your buttocks till you cry Naaneeee. Wanktanks.

Anand Jon and Parmeshwar Godrej cuddle up

Yes kiddies, that is the one and only Anand "I'm not in the"Jo(h)n, famous NYC fashion designer, arm in arm with his sugar daddy, Parmeshwar Godrej, who seems to have gone - umm - transsexual/FTM. Oh, and Parmeshwar dude isn't wearing a halter - its a vest, you blind bats.

Role reversal is so much fun with older bitches.