Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sitar Wars - Episode Minus Twenty Seven - Who Moved Darth Vader's Cheddar?

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that sitar used to make me smile

Darth Kader (Khan)
- Bollywood's inimitable Dark Lard of the Shit

Chewbaba - A Rookie Sadhu that loves the bong

Luke SkyNaukar - Wannabe Chaddhi Knight and Servant Extraordinaire

Dhobi Wank A Noobie (nOOb) - Washerman with a penchant for giving virgin youths hand-jobs.

Scene Uno, Circa 8957 AD:
Darth Kader: Who moved my cheese?
Dhobi Wank-a-nOOb: Stop airing your dirty laundry in public or I shall be compelled to use the force of my washerman's bat on you, Darth Cheddar Luke Sky Naukar: Did you get last week's laundry yet, Dhobi? Darth Kader hasn't changed his Chaddhis in a week and we fear a Chaddhi uprising
Chewbaba: Blhahlkjdajasda. Why can't we all just smoke the piss pipe?
Dhobi Wank-a-noob: Are you threatening me?
Luke Sky Naukar: You aren't Cornholio, you low caste dhobi
Chewbaba: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Chaddhi knight! Eat my skorts, turdburger.

Maybe its time to convert this into a Pootube clip :-O


  1. Dhobi: Washerman
  2. Naukar: Servant
  3. Sadhu: Hindu Mystic