Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sitar Wars - Episode Minus Twenty Seven - Who Moved Darth Vader's Cheddar?

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that sitar used to make me smile

Darth Kader (Khan)
- Bollywood's inimitable Dark Lard of the Shit

Chewbaba - A Rookie Sadhu that loves the bong

Luke SkyNaukar - Wannabe Chaddhi Knight and Servant Extraordinaire

Dhobi Wank A Noobie (nOOb) - Washerman with a penchant for giving virgin youths hand-jobs.

Scene Uno, Circa 8957 AD:
Darth Kader: Who moved my cheese?
Dhobi Wank-a-nOOb: Stop airing your dirty laundry in public or I shall be compelled to use the force of my washerman's bat on you, Darth Cheddar Luke Sky Naukar: Did you get last week's laundry yet, Dhobi? Darth Kader hasn't changed his Chaddhis in a week and we fear a Chaddhi uprising
Chewbaba: Blhahlkjdajasda. Why can't we all just smoke the piss pipe?
Dhobi Wank-a-noob: Are you threatening me?
Luke Sky Naukar: You aren't Cornholio, you low caste dhobi
Chewbaba: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Chaddhi knight! Eat my skorts, turdburger.

Maybe its time to convert this into a Pootube clip :-O


  1. Dhobi: Washerman
  2. Naukar: Servant
  3. Sadhu: Hindu Mystic

Monday, May 19, 2008

U Femme Is M?

Dang! The traffic to this site has slowed down to a trickle. Not that it matters, considering how many web advertising programs have this blog blacklisted for a variety of reasons, including our focus on gritty journalism, a consistent publishing schedule, and some groundbreaking efforts in Photoshopping.

I hereby present exhibit A.
Which is our only exhibit for today.
That rhymed
Well timed
Sing-clap-dance-rap away!

Serial Maneater, Nepalese Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala. A euphemism for MANEATER GORILLA?

You might recognize her as Manisha Koirala, the 80 year old Nepalese ape-woman who announces a new romantic relationship to whoever's listening every 12-18 months.
Some find her hot. Scientists have proven this is because despite the bazillion years of evolution, our primal sexual instinct to mate with a Himalayan ape just cannot be curbed. Which is also why Yetis are petrified of humans.

You're on the blog that says Manisha Koirala is a euphemism for Maneater Gorilla!
Prof. Cow Tse Tung will now accept the English Language chair at Ox_fjord University.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Jane Fonda said CUNT on American TV. WOW. Breaking news.

Jesus Loves You, But I Think You're A Cunt
I say the word CUNT twenty times a day in the hope that some pitiful excuse of a media-person would hear it and make me infamous too. I even change the pronunciation to KOONT (giving it a Scottish - or is it Irish twist?), but I'm still a poor little anony-mouse.

Anyway, flashback time. Y'know kids, everything I learned about mismanagement was at the workplace. So much for trying to shove a management text by a dude called KOONTZ in my face. Cunnilingus just wasn't my thing at age 3, being the innocent, celibate child prodigy that I was. Fecking koontz.

On a brighter note, here's a trio of Bollywood, koontz I wouldn't mind zoo we zay eet...le "doing".

From L to R, Salman Rushdie's ex-wife and supermodel, Padma Lakshmi; Investment banker Vikram Gandhi's wife, Meera Gandhi; and, Raja Dhody's wife, Queenie DhodyL to R: Padma Lakshmi, Meera Gandhi, Queenie Dhody

Now, let me think about this rationally - would I really want to touch any of these bitches?

Padma Lakshmi:
Pros: Tall, dusky, graceful(who cares about graceful? huh!? Not me!)
Cons: She slept with Salman Rushdie, that circumsized Muslim-in-denial. Actually, that might be a plus point, since Rushdie got done for slandering Islam.
Result: Yes, yes!
Padma Lakshmi
Zillion times Fucksme.

Meera Gandhi:
Pros: Is a humanitarian, diplomat, businesswoman and mother, and has Irish blood.
Cons: Defines herself as a "humanitarian, diplomat, businesswoman, MOTHER". Pompous bitch.
Some would find that incredibly arousing, but I, oh giver of life, am not Oedipus.

Richmond Avenal and Jen in the Red Room, from the TV Series, The IT CrowdYes, its a Richmond moment. Luckily, Katherine Parkinson is on hand for uh..ehh...a..handjob. *sobs* Yes, I confess, I have a massive thing (that came out wrong) for Katherine. Mmmmmm.

Result: Coming back to Meera Gandhi, she worries me. First she buys Ellen-whore Roosevelt's house, then she says she's a human-eatarian. I'm worried she might eat me and then buy my little slum dwelling on my demise. A big fat NO to you, darling.

Queenie Dhody:
Pros: Uh, what? Okay, okay - lets be nice - has a decent plastic body and doesn't deflate as easily as my inflatable sex doll.
Cons: Is a Page 3 socialite, is always in the news for doing nothing, is publicity-hungry, has driven her husband (or is it ex-husband) to near-bankruptcy, is a potential carrier of new strains of venereal diseases (STD for you illiterate ones), has SIDELOCKS/SIDEBURNS that dwarf mine!!

Queenie Dhody Has Some Great Plastic Boobs and Body. Put A New Head On Her And What Have You But a MILF!
Result: If you want to go bankrupt, funding an egomaniac's multiple plastic surgeries, lavish bashes, bribes to ensure page 3 write-ups feature her, AND trying to find a doctor that can cure that nasty rash down there, this woman is your perfect match.

Lunch time, koontz.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bollywood 101 Series - How to Bake A Bollywood Flick Click

Whale come, dolphin come, and of course, I cum when I shouldn't. So, to finance a cure for my youknowwhatdysfunction , by means of a trip to a nasal delivery technology clinic, I have returned from ze dead to give ze masses ze discourse on ze Bollywood. Got a problem with me "ze"'s? Up zeur azz. Les Bebe.

Before I start, I bow down to this Shaolin monk, who I now deem as my spiritual, martial and technological master. All hail Mobile Lama.

All hail the Mobile Shaolin Monk

Injuns, please don't pronounce this as "seafood" or mistake the gentleman for a yellow fish as it is critical that this man be kept alive.
I know what you're thinking - Lamas with mobiles - not great publicity for a religion that preaches detachment from materialism. Anyway, he was calling to tell me that I couldn't walk around Australia passing snide remarks and abusing people in Hindi, because more and more people were learning the language. Why me? :-(

Lesion 1: How to make a Bollywood flick click
So, my Hindi-challenged amigos and amigas, I have decided to share my trade analcyst's perspective of Bollywood, so we could make a profiterole. Y'know what I'm saying nigger? We could bake Bollywood hits man. Forget "building blocks" - we play with dough, like the cash money type.

1) An
actor with the surname "Khan" or "Kapoor". Have you ever seen a Saluja or a Kumarathalingam or a Krisnamooteenineholes become a Bollywood superstar? Neither have I
Two minute dream sequence in Switzerland, Australia, or the US of A, that took you 15 days to shoot. Its not just a question of perfection - the cast and crew have to shop for the extended family, acclimatize to the hostile environs of say Berne or Brisbane etc. The producer (nameless Mumbai underworld don) is footing the bill after all.
3) "Three is a magic number". Hence the hero and his two best friends make up the coolest, most self-sufficient (who needs a girl when you can have two boys?) funkiest trio across the planet, setting an infinite number of metropolitans ablaze with their boardroom maneuvering by day and party-animal antics by night.

4) Four nasty, badly choreographed fight sequences, with the first one ending in our hero being defeated. He then goes and tries to get India's best martial arts expert, who has now renounced fighting to take up a job as a female impersonator, to train him.

The expert refuses, yet agrees once our hero offers to perform fellatio on him. Sort of plagiarized from "Team America, World Police" and "The Prodigal Son". In the final fight scene, our hero redeems himself and saves the universe from imminent destruction at the hands of ancient Hinjew space-demons. Erich Von Daniken be damned.
5) Five stray canine vagabonds, with a leader called "Moti" [as in "fatass" not "pearl"], a dog that puts my canine idol, Brian from Family Guy to shame when it comes to intellectual pursuits and superhuman exploits.

6) Six degrees of separation from music, rhythm, and lyrical beauty! Yes, six shitty songs/song-n-dance sequences...
...of which 3 songs are plagiarized from Western hits, and 1 from an Arabic hit. The remaining two are random sequences generated by the music director's two year old son on Fruity Loops, and are sung in a high-pitched voice by any of Bollywood's stable roster of...
7) Seven playback singers! Features a couple of siblings, none linked to the Seven Sisters myth.
8) Eight years of self-imposed exile - the hero leaves home after a quarrel with daddy dearest, promising to carve his own destiny et al. Yes, even the worst, most commercial of movies requires a subtle moral message - in a country that is synonymous with corruption and nepotism, taking the hard route might seem a tad idiotic. But our souls will be saved by Bollywood's timely intervention.
Optional Ingredients:
a) An ever-obedient servant, named "Ramu", who not only replaces the butler, but is an excellent substitute for a filthy male prostitute. Y'know, just the way the British royals conduct their *cough* affairs.
b) A gay director or producer. To give it that feminine touch. So the average woman will relate to the flick. 'Coz no self-respecting heterosexual male watches Bollywood flicks. Women directors could do it, but they're too busy making boring, feminist documentaries.
c) Who could forget a villain, reminiscent of some of history's most notorious megalomaniacs who speaks in third person and spurts some of the most hard-hitting dialog with hints of neo-philosophy, nihilism and whatever the else makes people who read philosophy think they're better, yet unhappier than the average human.
Exhibit 1: Dong Kabhi Rong Nahin Hota, Rong To Tum Ho Gaye Ho (translates to "Dong ever wrong never, Wrong you is being")

Exhibit 2: Mogambo Khush Hua (translates to "Mogambo Happy Being")
Notice the focus on "being", the belief in self, and the like.
d) Finally, an "item number" (i.e. soft porn sequence set to porn groove interspersed with supposedly sexy Hindi lyrics), featuring a rising soft-porn starlet. Rakhi, the Idiot Savant is a great case in example.


You're on the blog that asks whether "pinni" is but Indian cookie dough?!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shoaib Fagthar and Shah Rukh Khan Profess Their Undying Love...

Righto, so, what have we here? Shoaib Akhtar, Porkistani cricketer, and erstwhile heterosexual playboy now likes the boys? Well, at least he didn't end up picking someone as blatantly, obviously straight as...lets see...

Shoaib Akhtar, Pakistani pace bowler is bowled over by Shah Rukh Khan, gay Bollywood superstar

You really have a death wish, don't you Shoaib? Do you realize how many cocks that ass has been exposed to? Anyway, at least Shah Rukh is finally into REAL men. Eat your heart out, Karan Johar (aka Karen Jo in Indian gay circles).

You're on the blog that asks why the chant "I'm a rainbow too" hasn't caught on in the gay community as a coming-out catch-phrase!?!